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A.D.A.M. Begins Cooperation with Masovian Regional Hospital in Poland

A.D.A.M. starts its collaboration with Masovian Regional Hospital in Siedlce to establish an A.D.A.M. point-of-care facility in Poland and use A.D.A.M. Medical Device Production System (MDPS) for the treatment of patients with serious injuries. A significant part of the produced implants will be used for the treatment of victims of Russia’s military aggression against Ukraine.

Today, Poland is one of the most advanced European countries in healthcare innovations, and the Hospital is one of the leading Polish medical institutions which specializes in oncology, surgery, neurosurgery, traumatology, rehabilitation, and physiotherapy, as well as minimally invasive, laparoscopic, and robotic medicine. The Hospital is located in Siedlce (90 km from Warsaw) and annually receives more than 60,000 patients (both from Poland and abroad).

Additionally, Poland has been instrumental in supporting humanitarian efforts stemming from the Russian war on Ukraine.

During the visit of our CTO, Michael Pluzhnyk, on March 29-30 2023, A.D.A.M. and Masovian Regional Hospital officially confirmed their cooperation by signing a mutual Letter of Intent. The hospital and A.D.A.M. agreed to install MDPS on its premises. The installed system will include optional manufacturing materials and quality system set-up (ISO 13485) that will allow covering not only the needs of hospital patients but also start more mass production of certified sterile implants for the treatment of patients who require urgent or planned bone grafting, trauma, and neurosurgery operations.

The hospital has also confirmed its intent to participate in clinical studies of A.D.A.M. medical devices, development of the commercialization strategy for the introduction of the bone implants and next product lines on the Polish market, as well as in future studies of soft tissue implants that A.D.A.M. plans to develop.

A.D.A.M. and Masovian Hospital plan to finance this project usingThe project will be financed be undertaken at the expense of private, donor, and grant funding.

The parties also agreed that a significant part of the osteografts 3D printed on the basis of the hospital will be supplied for the treatment of those who need it most – the war victims in Ukraine.

This partnership is the continuation of the company’s strategy as last year A.D.A.M. signed a memorandum of cooperation with the Ministry of Health of Ukraine for this purpose.

“The whole A.D.A.M. team is excited to be working alongside a dedicated team of medical professionals and believes that this partnership will be a perfect example of how collaboration between surgery and biotechnology can revolutionize the way that patients recover from injuries.”, said Denys Gurak, A.D.A.M.’s CEO.