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A.D.A.M. Emerges as Regional Winner of Startup World Cup

On 24th of September, A.D.A.M. was crowned as the regional winner of the prestigious Startup World Cup competition! This remarkable achievement not only brings immense pride to our entire company but also showcases the incredible talent and dedication of its CEO, Denys Gurak, that drives its success.

Denys will be proudly representing Ukraine on the grand stage of the Startup World Cup on December 01 in San Francisco.

This highly anticipated event will bring together the most brilliant entrepreneurial minds, venture capitalists, and industry leaders all under one roof. A.D.A.M.'s CEO, armed with unrivaled expertise and vision will compete alongside entrepreneurs from all over the world for the grand prize – a staggering $1 million investment opportunity. Reaching the finals of such a prestigious competition is an accomplishment worth celebrating and showcases the exceptional entrepreneurial acumen that resides within the company. This remarkable recognition not only positions A.D.A.M. firmly on the global map but also opens new doors of infinite possibilities.

"In this epic battle of innovation, we are gearing up to face fierce competition. But with unwavering determination and the indomitable spirit of Ukrainian engineering, the A.D.A.M. team is all set to shine at one of the world's most prestigious startup competitions!", said Denys Gurak.

To truly grasp the magnitude of this extraordinary event and immerse yourself in the excitement, you may watch the SWC trailer at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=syahe7mzd_A