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Statement on Operations During War in Ukraine

Message from the CEO

As the war in Ukraine continues, we are remaining in daily contact with our team in Ukraine. Our people remain safe, and have even been able to maintain some work operations around the war effort. In the US, whilst we continue our volunteer time to the war effort, our attention now also turns to the future of A.D.A.M.

We are in the fortunate position of having multiple options for how to proceed with the Research & Development work that has until now been operating in Odesa. Whilst Odesa has fortunately not yet been directly attacked, we are working to mitigate potential risk. 

This leads me to announce we have been in detailed discussions with supportive partners about relocation scenarios for our Ukraine-based R&D facility and team members, (the US office remains in place). Whilst it must be said that of course the ideal scenario is to stay at our facility in Odesa - and this would be dependent on the coming weeks’ developments - we are fortunate to have two viable options under consideration. 

We have paused 3D printing operations for A.D.A.M. currently, with one of our printers being utilized by the team to print medical devices for the war effort. Planning and other work operations by the R&D team are moving ahead. 

We have been buoyed by the encouragement from our partners and network, and also from the Ukrainian government. The Minister of Digital Transformation Mykhailo Fedorov and President Zelenskiy are encouraging Ukrainian businesses- in areas that are able- to push ahead to support the country not only now, but for the future rebuild during peaceful times. 

In other news, we are continuing forward with projects established prior to the invasion. I’m scheduled to speak at several industry engagements, and we have received confirmation of our joining the Smart Biomaterials Consortium (SBMC).

The SBMC is a Netherlands based biotech consortium working with the Dutch government to grow the biotech and innovation sector in the Netherlands, and across Europe. Specifically, it is positioned as a production ecosystem for bio and biocompatible materials suitable for regenerative medicine applications. The SBMC sits within the Dutch 3D printing ecosystem, located within the technology and design hub of Brainport Eindhoven. This is a great opportunity for us to grow our network across Europe.  

Feel free to contact me at dgurak@adambioprinting.com with any queries.

Denys Gurak


A.D.A.M. (Advanced Development of Additive Manufacturing)